Why human-like aliens could be amongst us already


Evolutionary Biologist Simon Conway Morris has claimed that aliens with a strong resemblance to humans must have evolved on other planets. Morris says that species developing independently of one another will naturally develop similar characteristics as they will be shaped by living in habitable environments to evolve in a certain way. Professor Morris even finds […]

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Could the latest cyborg technology spell the end for humanity as we know it?


The future could see us seeing more, following successful successful bionic eye implants placed into the retinas of patients blinded by the degenerative eye disease retinitis pigmentosa. The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System includes a small electronic eye implant, accompanied by an almost invisible video camera attached to a pair of glasses, and a video […]

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Superpowers scramble to win the space defence race


Not since the days of the “Star Wars” projects of the 1980s have we seen any real talk of space based warfare. That’s all changing now however, with a number of countries including China and Russia currently developing technology designed to take out satellites belonging to rival nation states. The latest developments include technology that […]

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Three asteroid impacts that shook humanity

The devastation caused by the Tuguska impact

It’s World Asteroid Day today so it wouldn’t be right to talk about anything other than asteroid impacts and their potential for the total annihilation of the human race. Asteroids come into contact with the Earth at a rate of around 25 per year but the majority are small enough that they burn up in […]

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NASA looks into using nukes to destroy asteroids


NASA has revealed it is looking into the possibility of using nuclear blasts to destroy potentially threatening asteroids. The US space agency has begun working with the National Nuclear Security Administration to work out how best to identify and destroy the dinosaur busting space rocks. The ‘New York Times’ reported how the agencies have run […]

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